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Find HERE the schedule as a PDF.
Find HERE the workshop narratives for Thursday Oct. 9.
And HERE the workshop narratives for Friday October 10.
Below is a general description of the schedule and preliminary list of workshops.


Thursday October 9th - 8 AM to 4:30 PM


Registration and Continental Breakfast

Opening Ceremonies

African Traditional Libation Ritual Sacred CirclesAuana-Pule (Hula-The Prayer) Kumu Doreena Alesna-Baclayon, Halau Hula ‘O Kauanoemakalaukoa


Manuel J. Jimenez Jr. and Gigi R. Crowder, Board of Supervisor Proclamation-Sup. Keith Carson Representative

Transitional Age Youth Performances

I Pray to God Before I go to Sleep—Armand Dushae, Inspirational Rapper Red Lines - A Song About Cutting and Self-Harm—Jason Chu, Hip  Hop Artist

TAY Focus Workshops immediately following in the  JASF Hall

Break and Raffle

From the Lens of Researchers

David Lukoff & Ann Marie Yamada

PANEL— From the Lens of Consumers and Family Members

Minister Monique Tarver-Discussion Group Leader

PANEL— From the Lens of Ethnic Services Managers & those Working to Eliminate Health Disparities

Gigi R. Crowder-Discussion Group Leader

Lunch, Raffle and Entertainment

After Lunch Stretch

Jairo Wilches


PANEL—From the Lens of Agencies Already Utilizing Faith and Spirituality Practices

Patty Blum. PhD, Group Discussion Leader

Break and Grand Prize Raffle

Reflections and Cultural Sharing

Closing Performance - Kirtan

Mirabai and Friends


Friday October 10th - 8 AM to 4:30 PM


Registration and Continental Breakfast

Opening Ceremonies

Miming for Mental Wellness “I Need You to Survive” - Armand Dushae and D’Angelo


Alex Briscoe, Alameda County HCSA Director, Minister Monique Tarver (Steering Committee Chair) CiBHS Steering Committee, Manuel J. Jimenez Jr. and Gigi R. Crowder, LE (Co-chair of the Conference) Conference Planning Committee

What the Faith Community Can Do to Support Suicide Prevention Efforts

Teresa Ly, MPH, Program Manager CalMHSA

PANEL— From the Lens of County Leaders 

Dr. Marvin Southard, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Manuel J. Jimenez-Discussion Group Leader

Break and Raffle

PANEL— From the Lens of Faith Leaders

Pastor William Kruse-Discussion Group Leader

Lunch and Raffle

Dancing Wind Taiko-Maikaze Daiko

Electric Slide

Led by Gigi Crowder and Barbara White


PANEL— From the Lens of Statewide Advocacy Agencies

Rev. Dr. Oscar Wright, CEO United Advocates for Children and Family

Break and Grand Prize Raffle

Reflections and Cultural Sharing

Acknowledgements and  Efforts Underway , 10 Commitments and Each Mind Matters Green Ribbon Weekend of Worship

Gunnar Christiansen (Founder of NAMI’s Faith Net), Gigi R. Crowder, LE, Pastor Horacio and Minister Monique Tarver, MHFC Training Team

Closing Song  “I’m A Winner!”

Bishop Carlton D. Leonard and Word of Life Musicians




1. Healing the Self Within Spiritual Emergency: A Discussion with Graduate Students from CA Institute of Integral Studies

2. Towards a New Theoretical, Problem-Specific Approach: Spiritual and Cultural Consideration in Reconstructing a Culture of “Psychosis”

3. The Clergy Academy: The Spirit of Innovation

4. Mindfulness and Compassion Coping Skills: For Adolescent Girls

5. Spirituality: Creating a Safe Place for Spiritual Exploration in an In-patient Hospital? Yes, It Can Be Done

6. Integrating Spirituality Support Into Mental Health Practice – The L.A. Project

7. Spiritual Experience and Affirmation of Personhood in Women

8. Using Music and Sound to Heal Through the Chakras

9. Where Is Home for the Pan African as Exemplified Through the Baseball Metaphor Jackie Robinson and Home Plate

10. The Motherline: Healing Female Lineage Trauma Through Ritual and the Creative Arts

11. Centering 2: How To Reduce Psychotic Phenomena Through Spirituality

12. Embracing Spiritual Practices – The Significance and Importance to Recovering Consumers

13. Integrating Spirituality as a Part of Recovery into the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services of San Mateo County

14. 5 Steps Towards Unifying African Religion and Western Psychology: The Therapeutic Significance of Africa, Archetypes and Ancestral Memory

15. Engaging Spiritual Issues Within Senior Peer Counseling

16. Understanding and Easing the Hidden Hurt: Helping Parents Gain Hope and Strength to Raise a Child with Mental Health Challenges

17. Spirit, Mind and Emotions: A Historical Example of Integrated Care: Modern Psychotherapies in the Christian Scriptures

18. Peer Support in Congregations

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