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In 2010 the CMHSI started hosting a monthly County Liaison Call.The County Liaison Call is designed to support the statewide movement to explore the role of faith/spirituality in wellness and recovery as a part of cultural responsiveness.


This call offers a platform for local county leaders to realize innovative ideas and ways to champion the holistic approach to wellness in county provided services and community supports. Participants represent counties, CBO’s and, community stakeholder groups; and meet monthly to network, collaborate, and encourage projects, events, trainings, workshops/workgroups.The call participants are also actively involved in the planning and organization of the 2014 “The Spirituality Factor: finding meaning, purpose, access and wellness for all communities under health care reform” Mental Health and Spirituality Conference.


The County Liaison Call is held every fourth Wednesday of the month at 9:00 AM.

The Steering Committee is the primary decision-making and coordinating body for the CMHSI and is composed of diverse stakeholders with a strong interest in furthering the mission of CMHSI.


The Steering Committee links and advises CiMH regarding the strategic direction, priorities and ongoing activities of the CMHSI and assists in defining and developing the Initiative’s products, services and its annual plan.


The Steering Committee members hold monthly meetings on the second Friday of the month and meet in person twice per year.

* We can only accept California state residents.

Call Line Number: (515) 606-5431

Access Code: 982384#

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