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The Spirituality Factor:

Weaving Behavioral Health and Spirituality using Evidence and Practice



































This conference is for consumers, family members, spiritual communities and their leaders and mental health providers, and is part of a statewide effort to increase the awareness of spirituality as a potential resource in mental distress prevention, early intervention and recovery. It seeks to foster collaboration among consumers, family members, spiritual communities and mental health service providers in combating stigma and reducing disparities in access to services for diverse populations. 


This conference will highlight last decade's advancements across the state in implementing culturally responsive practices that  bridge the gaps between Behavioral Health and Spirituality. It will explore what is needed to include spiritual and faith practices within integrated Behavioral Health systems of care that honor all and embraces holistic approaches. 


In addition to the general sessions, the workshops will provide helpful resources to support wellness and recovery and promote dialogue among spiritual communities and their leaders, consumers, family members, and mental health service providers, and will be centered around these six themes: 


  • Social Justice Issues

  • Spirituality & Treatment Issues

  • Spirituality & Mental Health in the Family

  • Spirituality in Wellness & Recovery

  • Honoring Spirituality, Religion & Cultural Diversity

  • Mental Health, Spirituality & Faith


To register click here.

For location information click here.

Download the event flyer here.


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